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Better Booch Supports
the Program in Natural Therapies at City of Hope

Better Booch has recently partnered with City of Hope, an independent research and treatment center for cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases, in an effort to support its Program in Natural Therapies. City of Hope scientists believe there are numerous medicinal compounds in nature that have yet to be discovered and they are looking at a vast array of natural products to learn more about their anti-cancer properties. Once identified, these active compounds are then isolated, purified, tested and used as the building blocks for more effective, less toxic cancer treatments. For each bottle of our premium kombucha tea sold, Better Booch donates 2% to this innovative program.

We consider our Kombucha Tea, which is packed full of probiotics and polyphenols, a natural remedy that can be used every day to promote digestion and health. The City of Hope mission for more credible natural remedies is aligned with our own. You can learn more about the program and follow the program’s progress on the City of Hope website.